Happy to see you there 😁 ! Take a ☕️ and a 🍪


I was born on in Corsica, a region in France. It is according to me one of the most beautiful regions that I knew. It has the richness of the inhabitants and the landscape, which makes it beautiful.

My parents then moved to the north of France. In a small village which changes a lot from Corsica. Gone are the sun, the lovely people, hello rain, dullness and bitter people. It is not as warm as my native region, but it is here that I grew up, and I am grateful. I lived there for .

My final destination, Switzerland. I am located in the Valais (south of Switzerland) in a small mountain village that has only a few hundred inhabitants for already. Here I am again in a beautiful setting, with beautiful people. Still very different from Corsica, despite the fact that the inhabitants share the same mentality, and that the nature offers us magnificent moments.


As you might have guessed, my compulsory school was full of twists and turns. Between France and Switzerland, the school system is totally different. I was still able to finish my compulsory school in , which was followed by a year at the "EPP", a pre-professional school. I entered with a simple objective, to leave with an apprenticeship place. Except that, it is not so simple in Valais. There was a lot of demand for little supply. (Moreover, I was not sure in which field of computer science to specialise)


I was quite general in the previous paragraphs... I don't want to reveal too much information about myself 😉 Every free moment was an opportunity to explore, discover, learn. And despite a childhood with almost no screens, computers or televisions (lack of budget I don't blame you mom), I had a certain ease to understand how computers work. I was able to touch a small variety of domains, like web development, the basic functioning of computers, their OS and their software, the good reflexes to have, data schemas, logic of functions, and a whole other bunch that doesn't go through my head right now.